GrandCare for In-Home Professional Care

If you’re like many homecare providers, you experience a high staff turnover and shortage of caregivers, and you may find it’s hard to differentiate yourself from the sea of competitors. GrandCare can help you one-up the competition and increase your revenue streams!

  • 24/7/365 brand presence in the client home
  • Remote monitoring
  • A baseline product for “not yet” prospects
  • Market differentiation
  • Easy for client to order additional services, right from the touchscreen

Know more with GrandCare


Wireless health devices, interactive assessments, and medication management tools at your fingertips.

Activity Monitoring

Wireless motion and door sensors monitor daily activity levels without sacrificing independence or privacy.

Social Engagement

Residents can instantly access video chat, photos, letters, and calendar events from family and caregivers.

Easy-to-use Touchscreen Technology

Our easy-to-use touchscreen technology enables you to add new virtual caregiving, remote monitoring and HIPAA-compliant telehealth video conferencing options into your service model. Build your client base without needing to increase staff. Save windshield time and service a larger geographic area using remote monitoring and virtual check-ins.