GrandCare for Service Providers

GrandCare provides assistive technology that helps individuals stay safe, social and independent.

Everyone deserves to live as independently as possible. With the right support and GrandCare technology, they can.

GrandCare is a large touchscreen that can improve the lives of developmentally disabled individuals, as well as the disability service providers and caregivers they depend on. Features include:

Empowering Independence

  • Memory Assists
  • How-To Instructionals
  • Schedule and To Do Lists
  • Self-Assessment
  • Request Support
  • Rule-Based Alerts


Easy, Protected Communications

  • Locked Down, Secure Video Chat
  • White-Listed Messaging

Fun & Engaging

  • Games
  • Family Photos
  • Music
  • Authorized Videos
  • Family Communications

Know more with GrandCare


Wireless health devices, interactive assessments, and medication management tools at your fingertips.

Activity Monitoring

Wireless motion and door sensors monitor daily activity levels without sacrificing independence or privacy.

Social Engagement

Residents can instantly access video chat, photos, letters, and calendar events from family and caregivers.


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Our industry helps address the most challenging issues for residents in their own home and care homes by providing solutions to encourage the independence they desire.

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