Provide better protection with instant fall detection & monitored wellbeing.

Smart, discreet and touchless, Vayyar Home sensors monitor 24/7.

If there is a fall, Vayyar Home will automatically detect it and call for help.

Just place a Vayyar Home on your wall and if you fall, or need help, it will call a responder service or an emergency contact.

It provides a whole new level of protection.

Vayyar Home detects a person’s body position, a fall, or health problems. It’s mindful of privacy, because it doesn’t use cameras.

Setup is also simple for out-the-box use, with pre-configured settings available for installers. It’s US and CE certified, UL1637 approved* and approved for use across the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia and Japan.


Operates continuously – no need for wearables.


Works in all lighting conditions and even in steam.


Detects falls automatically and summons help.

Simple wall or ceiling mounting for round-the-clock fall detection.

*Vayyar Home can be integrated to PERs devices/hubs

Wide range of integration options.

Vayyar Home can be used as a standalone system or as the perfect complement to an existing PERS device hub or NCS offering.

Vayyar Home monitoring units

Caregiver fall alert notification app

Vayyar Home monitoring units

Paired with a base station*


Just plug it in and the device will begin working within minutes.

No, Vayyar Home is completely automatic, with nothing to wear.

Powerful 4D imaging sees through most bedroom and living room furniture – even some walls!


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