We are
Porters Care
Using innovative technology & advanced monitoring capabilities to improve patient care and reduce the burden of healthcare staff.
Remote Monitoring

Helping caregivers remotely monitor patients, reducing the need for patient contact.

Patient Independence

Allowing patients to live more independently without the sacrafice of safety.

Solutions & Support

Commited to provide solutions that are beneficial to resident independence & staff productivity.

Our Solutions

We can give you the ability to remotely monitor patients, thus reducing the need for patient contact, whilst freeing up valuable time for carers to do what they need to do. Our solution can also reduce recorded falls by giving advanced notice for someone who is at high risk of falling, digitally record patient vitals and because of all this, help with infection control.

We are compliant with the Digital Technology Assessment Criteria for Health and Social Care (DTAC) enabling you to choose Porters knowing we have met all the Clinical Risk and Safety Management required by the NHS

Nobi Smart Lamps are developed for fall detection, fall prevention and safe living. The lamps are packed with cutting-edge technology, use artifical intelligence and monitor every room.

Using contact-free, continuous monitoring, the Vitalerter platform predicts and alerts on health deterioration and clinical events to assist long term care organisations.

GrandCare is the world’s most advanced monitoring, commuications and engagement platform, allowing individuals to live more independently and stay connected without sacraficing safety.

Case Studies

Our mission

Our family run business is committed to provide solutions that have a significant effect on resident independence, staff productivity and the ability to personalise resident care.

Our clients

Leading the way with innovative clients and partners across the UK.

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