Fall Prevention
An essential feature of Nobi is its ability to prevent falls, and to supply care staff with data to make proactive and preventive care easier.
Nobi’s functionalities assist in alleviating numerous day-to-day challenges in care communities.

Fall prevention: How does it work?

Automated lighting, no more disorientation.

Your struggle: Residents often wake up during the night to use the bathroom, become disoriented, and risk falling.


Nobi automatically shines a soft light whenever a resident sits up in bed, making sure they can orient themselves. When they move to get out of bed, the light intensifies, ensuring a clear path. With automated lighting, nighttime falls become far less frequent.

During sleep

no light

When sitting up

soft light

Out of bed

brighter light

Monitoring functions for proactive help

Your struggle: Carers need to conduct regular night check-ins to ensure the well-being of individuals.

Solution: Nobi notifies staff when individuals are getting out of bed, allowing them to check if the resident requires assistance. Four monitoring functions are readily available:

  • Notification after x amount of time in bathroom
  • Notification after x amount of time our of bed
  • Notification after leaving room
  • Notification after x amount of time sitting on the edge of bed

These notifications can be configured for each resident individually, facilitating a more personalised care approach. Always provided when needed, never imposed unnecessarily.

Nobi’s monitoring functions offer an efficient and effective means of fall prevention, resulting in less intrusive check-ins
Analysis of falls to prevent future incidents

Your struggle: When a fall occurs, care professionals often have to speculate about the cause and circumstances.

Solution: Nobi shares anonymised images of the fall, encompassing the 15 seconds before and after the incident. This crucial context enables carers to analyse the events leading up to the fall.

With Nobi, care professionals possess the tools and information necessary to avert future falls.
Nobi Preventative Care
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