Fall Detection
With a traditional nurse call system, residents often cannot call for help. They might be too far from an emergency button, paralysed by panic, or disoriented. In the worst cases, they could even be unconscious.
Without Nobi, up to 82% of falls remain undetected

Nobi ensures immediate assistance for 100% of falls

All too frequently, individuals who experience a fall are compelled to await assistance for prolonged periods. These “long-lie falls” can severely impact them physically as well as mentally. Nobi reduces the number of “long lies” to zero. Consider the profound impact this can have on seniors who fall, their families, carers, and society.

With Nobi

  • Immediate aid within 3 minutes 7 seconds*
  • Nobi detects 100% of falls
  • 0% risk of long-lie falls

*3 minutes 7 seconds = results based on pilot case

Fall detection: How does it work?

Nobi’s optical sensors provide the lamp with a comprehensive view of the entire room, day and night.

Nobi identifies an unusual position using 18 coordinates precisely located on the human body.

Two-way Communication
Nobi initiates a safety procedure, starting with a simple question: “Did you fall?” If the answer is anything other than a clear “no”, Nobi will alert care staff.

Nobi allows two-way communication through the lamp once a fall has been detected.

Fast Action
The alert is signaled on the dashboard or application and pushed to the nurse call system.

Care staff can assist immediately: people receive help within an average of 4 minutes.

A timeline of 15 seconds prior to and following the fall is accessible through static images, allowing for the analysis of the fall.

Nobi Fall Prevention
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