Vitals is a mobile, contact-free monitoring bio-sensor that alerts the care staff when the resident requires assistance
Continously monitors heart-rate, respiration rate & body motion.
The mobile bio-sensor is placed under the bed or wheel chair with no loss or comfort. It continuously monitors heart-rate and body motion.

The system alerts when high risk residents attempt to leave the bed/chair to prevent falls. It helps staff follow turn protocols to prevent pressure ulcers. It provides warning in situations of irregular breathing, heart rate incidents, epilepsy seizures and sleeping disorders.

Proactive Care Benefits

Vitalerter’s proactive care benefits include:

  • The system identifies deterioration signals, bed exit and early warnings to prevent falls before they happen.

  • Vitalerter tracks bed-time and turn movements, providing real-time turn reminders and reports.

  • Monitors heart-rate in real-time and alerts in situations of acute changes in heart rate such as in cardiac failures.

  • Continuously monitors respiration, identifies events early & alerts in situations of irregular breathing such as asthma.

  • Tracks movement, breathing and heart function during sleep. Alerts in situations of acute disorders and provides sleep quality reports.

  • Identifies Tachycardia, Bradycardia, low HRV and fast movement that are common in the development of Epilepsy seizures.

Preventive Care Analysis
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