The smart Nobi lamp helps ensure that older adults can age more independently and carefree.

Introducing Nobi, the most ingenious lamp in the world

Nobi makes lives safer by preventing and detecting falls. Thanks to its cutting-edge AI technology, this intelligent ceiling light monitors the entire room while seamlessly fitting into any interior with its award-winning design. Nobi helps older adults to live a dignified, carefree, and happy life while respecting everyone’s privacy.

“Our lamp prevents and detects falls, providing peace of mind for your residents, their loved ones, and staff.”

Roeland Pelgrims

CEO & Co-Founder – Nobi

Nobi, partner to older adults and their carers

A fall, at home or in a healthcare facility, can dramatically change our lives. Rapid assistance after a fall — or, even better, avoiding a fall altogether — is invaluable. It is crucial for seniors, but it is also vital for carers. Nobi immediately alerts carers after a fall, resulting in 100% peace of mind. ”Long lies” and their far-reaching consequences belong in the past. With Nobi’s intelligent prevention and detection, carers can focus on warm and meaningful care.

Cutting-edge AI technology

Nobi combines optical sensors and AI in a stylish, lifesaving lamp. It offers automated lighting to discreetly prevent disorientation and falls. Its circadian lighting supports a natural daily rhythm, from energetic morning light to warm lighting in the evening. Valuable data, like out-of-bed alerts and analysis after a fall, help carers to prevent falls. Sleep reports support a faster diagnosis of health issues. All of this while respecting everyone’s privacy.

Stylish product design, easy to use

Science has shown that surrounding people with good lighting and beautiful design improves quality of life. That is why we designed Nobi to be simple, discreet, user-friendly, and cosy. This is the opposite of competing solutions, which are often perceived as intrusive and stigmatising.

“We created a lifesaving, high-tech care device wrapped in a stylish lamp that fits almost any interior.”
Stijn Verrept

CTO & Co-Founder – Nobi

Nobi Features

Falls are among the leading causes of death for older adults. These falls may look innocuous, but we tend to underestimate their impact, as well as their frequency. With a traditional nurse call system, residents often cannot call for help. They might be too far from an emergency button, paralysed by panic, or disoriented. In the worst cases, they could even be unconscious.

Fall Detection

Falls are among the leading causes of death for older adults. These falls may look innocuous, but we tend to underestimate their impact, as well as their frequency. See how Nobi ensures immediate assistance for 100% of falls.
Fall Detection

Fall Prevention

An essential feature of Nobi is its ability to prevent falls, and to supply care staff with data to make proactive and preventive care easier. Nobi’s functionalities assist in alleviating numerous day-to-day challenges in care communities.
Fall Prevention

Preventive Care

From sleep monitoring to complete privacy, Nobi has customisable privacy settings. The lamps empower residents to choose the level of image sharing that suits their preferences, ensuring both privacy and peace of mind for all.
Preventive Care

Live in safety, without worry

​Nobi monitors 24/7 and alerts others whenever a fall occurs. Traditional fall-detection systems only measure 20% of falls because the device is forgotten or not worn (due to stigma).

100% privacy protection

Nobi analyses all images locally and only forwards images in the event of a fall. The user decides how images are shared: not at all, partially recognisable, or fully recognisable.

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