Disability Support with GrandCare
Everyone deserves to live as independently as possible. But where will the staff and funding come from? And is in-person always the best way to provide support? With GrandCare you can facilitate a far more independent experience–and do it with fewer in-person staff hours.
Self-Directing Care
Remote Monitoring
Activity Prompting

“Now my brother gets the independence he deserves, and we don’t have to worry about his safety.”

Learn how GrandCare enabled LADD to safely reduce in-person support hours by 75% and cut the total cost of support in half.

GrandCare is a touchscreen-based remote monitoring and remote supports platform.

Features include:

Daily Prompts
To-Do reminders
How-To Instruction
On-demand videos
Remote Monitoring
Wireless motion sensors
Wireless door sensors
Rule-based alerts for unusual activity
Virtual Visits
Staff drop-in video calls
Family video calls
Check-in video calls
Authorised callers only
GrandCare for Homecare Providers
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