Care Management Software
Real-time actionable information from anywhere
Advanced cloud based alerting system
The Vitalerter platform consists of an advanced cloud based alerting system and monitoring dashboard. The system provides staff with real-time actionable information from anywhere while avoiding alarm fatigue.

Staff members need actionable information to do their jobs efficiently, and respond to a resident quickly and with knowledge of the situation. Enabling caregivers with immediate access to care information at the bedside, or wherever they are, helps reduce excess noise and provide more time for direct care.

The Vitalerter platform provides staff the ability to customise how alerts are prioritised and presented, including risk settings, delayed alarms, latching and escalation protocols.

Customisable monitoring dashboards enable real-time view of residents’ state and the management and tracking of care protocols.

Care Management Functionality

  • The system alerts as soon as a high-risk resident attempts to leave the bed to prevent falls. The system indicates time in bed and movement level.

  • A simple mobile interface is used to check and document the completion of tasks so staff and management get clear reports on developing conditions and response times. The system auto-checks alerts status on caregiver presence when there is no need for further event documentation.

  • Presents resident status and KPIs from multiple sensors and programs. Each dashboard can display multiple widgets which are configured to display personalised information based on location, alarm type and resident status.

  • Establish rules that direct the right alarms to the right staff members to eliminate unnecessary alerts. Updates are sent to the right person based on his or her role and device preferences. Escalation capabilities prevent notifications from going unnoticed. Pre-defined alert delay allows for the removal of an alert if a cancel occurs within a specified time.

  • Logging all of alerts, event transactions and auto-check of task completion provide an audit trail and accurate reports of resident conditions and staff response time. The information is used to improve care plans and resource utility, to adjust health treatments and prevent deterioration and for sharing with residents and family members.

Analytic Reports
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