Senior Living
We can customise GrandCare to fit any community from IL to AL to MC to end-of-life care.
Messaging & Engagement Features for Senior Care

In today’s world, community members expect more than menus tacked onto bulletin boards and calls to the front desk for information. GrandCare can take your community to a new level by adding easy-to-use touchscreen hubs in every apartment. Put community activities on everyone’s calendar. Send messages to everyone, or to just the subset of people who need to see it (2nd floor south or Movie Club members, etc.). There’s even emergency messaging that no one will miss.

In addition to all that, there’s the daily check-in button, resident-to-resident video calling, resident-to-family video calling, games, and concierge-style service requests. GrandCare is a unique way to differentiate your community from others.

Residents will enjoy games, trivia, family photos, video chatting, activity schedules, community broadcasts and the ability to easily order services right from their rooms (transportation, dining reservations, maintenance, salon visits, etc.) Stay even more connected to your residents and differentiate your community from the competition.

  • On-screen resident directory
  • On-screen service ordering
  • Flyers and calendar events
  • Community messaging
  • Daily check-in button
  • Family connection through photo sharing and video calls
  • Optional resident-to-resident video calling
  • Optional activity and vitals monitoring
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