The world’s most advanced monitoring, commuications and engagement platform, allowing individuals to live more independently and stay connected without sacraficing safety.
Porters Care is an authorised and trained affiliate for GrandCare Systems West Bend USA.

HIPAA-Compliant telehealth & home monitoring for independent care.

GrandCare provides remote monitoring and telehealth for disability service providers. The assistive technology improves the lives of persons with disabilities as well as their caregivers. Supporting people with a wide variety of needs, including individuals living with an intellectual or developmental disability, older adults, and individuals looking to manage chronic health conditions.

Disability Support

Everyone deserves to live as independently as possible. But where will the staff and funding come from? And is in-person always the best way to provide support? With GrandCare you can facilitate a far more independent experience–and do it with fewer in-person staff hours.
Disability Support

Homecare Providers

With GrandCare you can be more efficient with your RN’s time, intervene before symptoms become critical, and keep your patients safe at home and out of the hospital.
Homecare Providers

Senior Living

GrandCare can take your community to a new level by adding easy-to-use touchscreen hubs in every apartment. Put community activities on everyone’s calendar. Send messages to everyone, or to just the subset of people who need to see it.
Senior Living

The Touchscreen

The GrandCare remote monitoring/remote support platform starts with the stationary 17.2-inch GrandCare touchscreen. A GrandCare-supported person may have one touchscreen or several, depending on their needs. The touchscreen can deliver cognitive assists in the form of reminders for ADLs, medication, calendar appointments and much more.

GrandCare is designed to keep individuals safer, happier and more activity involved in their own care.

Health Devices

GrandCare can prompt a supported person to take a vital reading, automatically record it, and even reach out to the support team if that reading falls outside of predetermined parameters. GrandCare can help monitor blood pressure, blood glucose, oxygen, temperature, and weight. Notification rules, simple if-then statements, can be customized for each individual and their support team. (IF Stanley Kemper’s systolic blood pressure is greater than 130, THEN send notification to

Activity Sensors

The touchscreen also receives information from wireless motion or door sensors in the home and can alert the support team if unusual activity is detected. Similar to health-related alerts, activity notifications are created with if-then statements. (IF motion is detected in the kitchen between the hours of 10pm and 6am, THEN send text message to 24/7 support team).

Video Calls

The GrandCare touchscreen provides for secure video calls to and from the support team. These calls are peer-to-peer, encrypted, and HIPAA-compliant. Depending on the supported person’s needs, the support team may use the video call system to “drop in” without the supported person needing to do anything to connect the incoming call. This allows the support team to have immediate eyes and ears in the residence if needed. (A record of who called who, when and for how long, is logged.)


Finally, the GrandCare touchscreen comes with loads of engaging content including games, jokes, trivia, live radio, classic audio books and other video and audio entertainment. The support team can also distribute survey questionnaires to their clients. These can be customised to suit just about every need.

Want to know more about how GrandCare can help your organisation?

  • GrandCare is for people with developmental disabilities, people with traumatic brain injuries, seniors at home, senior living communities, and people with chronic or post-acute health concerns.

  • Private homes, group homes, senior living communities and other settings.

  • Yes. The GrandCare touchscreen can look and behave differently for each person, depending on their preferences and needs. Also, you can choose to have motion sensors, door sensors, health devices (like blood pressure cuffs and weight scales) as needed. Everyone’s GrandCare can and should be unique. Peripheral devices like sensors and health devices can be added or removed from someone’s GrandCare at any time.

  • Yes. Organisations who adopt GrandCare will have access to our comprehensive online training course. Your staff can pick and choose the training modules relevant to their role, or do them all to become GrandCare Certified. On-site training is also available.

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