Vitalerter Bio-Patch is an all-in-one continous monitoring bio-sensor that alerts care staff when the resident requires assistance
Continuously monitors heart rate, body motion, body temperature and Sp02 levels
The bio-sensor identifies dizziness signals to prevent falls before they occur and alerts in situations of hypoxemia, hyper/hypothermia and during acute irregular heart rate incidents.

Proactive Care Benefits

Vitalerter’s proactive care benefits include:

  • The system identifies deterioration signals, bed exit and early warnings to prevent falls before they happen.

  • Vitalerter tracks bed-time and turn movements, providing real-time turn reminders and reports.

  • Monitors heart-rate in real-time and alerts in situations of acute changes in heart rate such as in cardiac failures.

  • Continuously monitors respiration, identifies events early & alerts in situations of irregular breathing such as asthma.

  • Tracks movement, breathing and heart function during sleep. Alerts in situations of acute disorders and provides sleep quality reports.

  • Identifies Tachycardia, Bradycardia, low HRV and fast movement that are common in the development of Epilepsy seizures.

  • Using accurate pulse oximetry technology to continously monitor Sp02 levels and alerts in low oxygen levels.

  • Using an accurate thermostat to continuously monitor body temperature. Alerts in situations of Hypothermia and Hyperthermia.

Vitalerter Vitals
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